What does the special needs community want from real estate?

What do families with special needs in the community want?  Overall it is to be included and treated like everyone else while having the real estate world understand that families with special needs may take a little to buy a home but we are extremely loyal!!  In fact since we have so few people who work to understand our world we typically use a small but loyal group of providers.  So if you are an awesome resource to the special needs community then we will refer you around our group!  It does not matter what challenge you are facing, it matters that you cared and took an extra half second to help.  The more you help, the more we give back.  And give back we do.
Though it was not my intent to focus on this area of real estate, the families with special needs are growing around us at an incredible rate and have become an amazing source of referrals. Also it provides an incredible amount of joy to help this community feel like a part of the larger community, to be accepted!
The focus on families with special needs has allowed a greater understanding of many types of challenges and the real estate issues faced.  It has also opened my eyes to the community at large.  We are constantly looking at ways for inclusion for our son and his friends in our community.  One of the most exciting area of inclusion is being built right now it is called LifeTown.  I encourage you to check out what this 45,000 sq foot city will be atwww.LifeTownNJ.com and see what happens when the community comes together to make ALL people  feel like everyone included.
You can also check out a video of LifeTown at http://youtu.be/PCGNPHTnqjk.  It is amazing when people come together what can be accomplished.

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