The first step is....

A leap of faith? Clients, friends, and colleagues, for years have been asking us to tell our story.  However would it inspire thought? Can this blog challenge people to think bigger, look outside of the traditional and see another opportunity?  These questions are what have been holding me back from getting started.

They say the hardest step is the first one so here we go…on with the first step.  Today you are reading the first ever blog to discuss the topic of real estate and working with families with special needs. I hope this can be forum of open discussion and spark thoughts on an area that is growing but is not heard about.  The special needs community is a rapidly changing one and has a short and long term effect on real estate, real estate values, and our communities as a whole.  If we are not prepared at the grassroots level to take on this challenge then we will be faced with bigger community challenges in the future.


I believe this blog can generate new ideas to share and help build our communities to be larger, and bigger, and more INCLUSIVE for all!  This is my passion to see our real estate professionals grow and learn how to work with families with special needs and make the communities we work in INCLUSIVE.


So who am I?  I am a husband and father.  I am also a Dad of a child with special needs.  My son Joshua is currently 13. My wife Erica and have dedicated ourselves to helping Joshua reach his fullest potential!  Joshua has spent about two years of his life in a hospital, has had over 30 neurosurgeries and too many other surgeries to count.  He also has a delicious smile and has a high level of communication with everyone he meets. I am also a real estate professional.


I have spent the last 10 years full time in real estate sales and currently am the Operating Principal at Keller Williams Realty in Livingston, New Jersey.  For many years I have helped numerous people with the housing challenges they face with a family member with special needs.  It does not matter what the issues are, we have helped people feel part of a community and move into the RIGHT home for their situation.


It is has also been an honor and a privilege to be involved in this community. They families I work with have taught me so much.  Everyone has a different experience and challenge.  Our goal is to make the challenge seem less daunting.  So after all of these years helping families, I decided to go forward and help others learn about the opportunities in front of them.  I am willing to “put myself out there” and leverage the systems we have developed and my own experiences to help other Realtors learn what to do and how to help.


I hope you enjoy what is next!
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