So what are you seeing?

So what are you seeing???


Are your eyes wide open?  I  mean REALLY wide open?  What are you seeing in your community?  Are the blinders up to the special needs community?  I hope not, however many people with special needs are treated as invisible.


It was amazing today because in our yard I saw a small pack of deer.  We have about 9 deer in our small suburban yard at random times.  The incredible part was today one of the deer was missing part of its back right hoof.  The deer had a special need!  What was even more special was how the pack treated this deer.  I watched in amazement how the other deer did not abandon the deer with the need. The deer all stayed in the pack helping each other, in spite of need.


They treated the special deer like all the other deer!  Why can’t we do this as humans?  I watch as people with special needs get left behind, talked down to, and disregarded.  So now is the time where this stops!  Look around you and your community.  If you see a person with special needs just remember treat the like a person!  The feeling you will give the other person is immeasurable.  Your community will thank you, you will be the ambassador for a new way of accepting all people, as PEOPLE.


Remember the deer.  Look around your community and see what the housing needs are in your WHOLE community and start with one step toward becoming the advocates of fair housing for all.
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