Preconceived Notions

Preconceived notions or not?

Today I saw the fantastic video with Susan Boyle (of Britain’s Got Talent fame) singing her song to the judges.  I watched in amazement as to how she was viewed by the audience as someone who could note accomplish her dream!  Now I have seen this video many times before but the depth of the moment was an aha!

Here was this person that by her looks, dress, and other features was viewed as someone who would have zero chance of anything, let alone singing an impressive song the way she did!

This aha moment lead me the thought of why? Why do we pre-judge someone and their abilities? We are automatically filled with what can’t be done instead of what is possible!  I see it when people see Josh’s wheelchair instead of his light up the room smile.

The truth is…possibility is what drives us.  It makes us get out of bed to take on the day ahead. To move forward even if it is only a centimeter to get better. Actually, to be better than the day before.  It drives ALL of us!

Which brings us back to the topic at hand, special needs.  We are set to judge that this community is less than… when actually it is more than what it seems! I have seen the community with special needs have all the same feelings and thoughts as the abled people around them.  Yet we still judge as less than.  My dream is that we have the opportunity to be treated equally and with a little help and patience.

We as a real estate community have a responsibility to help all live the dream of home ownership.  Families with special needs have the same wants and desires, so slow down take your time and keep asking the big questions to help this community make the home ownership process possible.  A little empathy (but no pity) goes a long way.

As Gary Keller reminds us in his book, The One Thing, no one succeeds alone! That is true for the community with special needs AND the fully abled around us.

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