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The entry of Joshua into our lives came with all the usual excitement and nerves and uncertainty that all new parents feel. But, as Joshua’s condition became clear, our world changed in a way we could never have imagined. At less than 1.5 pounds, Joshua was even more delicate, weak, and helpless than other babies. Already our “normal” level of concern was shattered and replaced by a wave of uncertainty and grief. We were at once, blessed to have a child and yet devastated that he was faced with massive obstacles in his life. Our first duty as parents was to protect Joshua from harm and suffering, and already, just moments after his birth, we felt as if we had let him down. And that was just the beginning…

Overnight we went from proud expecting parents, to desperately confused parents getting a sobering crash course in raising a special needs child. Our love for Joshua of course never faltered, and was the main thing that kept us strong and focused under the tremendous pressure of our new reality. Despite the trouble, the hardships, the uncertainty, and the self-pity, we stayed together as a family and have emerged stronger, prouder, and more loving and close than we could’ve imagined in those first dark days. And, truth be told, it was Joshua who pulled us through. His desire, determination, and love were evident from day one – we simply could not fail this courageous and exceptional child.

Now, seven years later, the challenges never stop but they pale in comparison to the unconditional joy that Joshua brings to our lives. The amazing people we have met and the tremendous strength and gratefulness we have developed on this journey are truly blessings. We are challenged and grateful and fulfilled every day. So many people and organizations have eased our burden and lifted our spirits along the way, and now it’s our turn to give back to the community.

One of the many challenges facing the special needs community is finding properly equipped homes in neighborhoods conducive to a positive lifestyle. We created JoshHomes.org to assist home shoppers with special needs considerations and real estate agents looking to properly access the special-needs market.

We are inspired by our son every day and we hope to share some of that inspiration with you.


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