Josh Homes Delivers Special Needs Resources For Professionals And Families . . . So You Can Start Living Again.

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Do you have a person with special needs in your life?  Maybe a family member, friend, or neighbor?  Most people do.

The challenges of building a life with a differently-abled person can be daunting. Every day can present unforeseen challenges and setbacks, but the battle is worth it for the unique and joyous bond you share with your loved one.

We at JoshHomes seek to replace some of the uncertainty with much-needed peace-of-mind.  We offer guidance and support to those searching for a dream home equipped and located to meet every challenge you face and every joyous moment you will share.

Not only are we licensed real estate agents with 12 years of outstanding service in the community, but we’re also the parents of a special-needs child — our pride and joy, Joshua. (see Joshua’s story here)

We are blessed to share a lasting bond with the numerous special-needs parents we’ve helped to find the perfect home for their entire family.

To further our support of the special needs community, we offer this site as a valuable resource to real estate agents as well. Here, agents can gather all the information they need so their special-needs clients are fully served and satisfied in their home search. It’s an excellent opportunity for professionals to benefit their community, engage in a rewarding endeavor, and access a lucrative untapped income stream.

To Your Health and Happiness,



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